Welcome to L2 Nights

L2 Nights is a heavily modfied High Five custom PvP/PvE server.
While Lineage 2 has always been a good pvp oriented mmo-rpg, it is undeniable that class and item-build diversity has been one of its greatest weak points compared to other mmo giants. As many other custom servers before, L2 Nights focuses on expanding and further refining these lacking aspects of the game in a more PvP oriented environment.

Unlike most custom servers in recent years, that have been based on or used an already existing custom server pack, L2-Nights isn't using any previous custom server files. As result, it offers a different gameplay with a more in depth class customization and more accurate skill descriptions, bigger and more logical item-build possibilites, more interesting and challenging instances and raid bosses, a completely new talent-like certification system along with the typical PvP server features (events, olympiad, sieges) and more.

Open Beta

Custom Equipment

Six Tiers of armors, jewels and weapons.

Custom Instances

There are 4 fully customized and two absolutely new instances.

Unique Raids

Over 50 challenging raids bosses.

Customized Quests

More than twenty quests for a more immersive gameplay.

Farm Zones

Two basic and four advanced farm zones.

Events and Olympiad

Daily events and balanced olympiad.

Unique Classes

Heavily modfied, balanced classes and skills.

New Summons

Seven new servitors for summoners.

How to Connect

You will have to do the following steps in order to connect the Server:


Step 1.

Download and install a clean High Five client.

Step 2.

Delete your system folder.


Step 3.

Download the Updater and place it into your Lineage II folder.

Step 4.

Log in. Accounts are auto-created. For your own security, avoid using accounts/passwords used at previous servers.